September dump! Concepts and card illustrations.

 Creature of the swamp concept "Scavenger". Generations of unhealthy environment it somehow developed into this being. Some human like features can be seen in some of them. Solely relies on its senses as it is totally blind. Scavenger and pretty dangerous in close combat. 

 "Catacomb breeders" a happy bunch :).

  "Bound ones" Final stage. Added brighter green in the back and stronger highlight so the characters got a stronger silhouette. Didn't focus as much on the characters in the back as I did on the front one. 

I think I painted over the b/w layer with color mode overlay. All three characters and trees in the background on separate layers. Blocked in some basic colors I wanted and started to add some highlights. 

After the sketch is done I like to refine the linework and then add values. Using clipping mask to add the shadows is useful when I want to experiment with different light scenarios.

 "Angler of eels, The yb" Fisherman.


Hero illustration "Branded occultist".

Hero illustration "Mercenary".   

Concept art of "Drowned ones" relic offering.

Aaand some zbrush doodels. Have a great day yall!