April blog dump! 2017

"Mound builder" concept. Inspired and photo ref from Andrei Riabovitchev

Tried out some Zbrush scuplting and then some Substance painter, turned out pretty cool.

"Digger" breeder race concept.

"Leeches" card game illustration. 

"Sewer rat" card game illustration.

"What way" card game illustration.

"Strong lock box" card game illustration. Sculpted in Zbrush and then used substance painter to experiment with textures. Took the picture below and painted over it in photoshop. Added color and refined the details.

Rendered out example.

"Archaic Relic" card game illustration. Same here, used Zbrush to sculpt the key, added more texture and painted in highlights in photoshop. Really fun process!

Dark version that I decided to lighten a bit and add high lights.

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