New illustration, Forest Ogre! Waaagh!

Yo! New illustration I've been working on. Love to paint brutish Ogres :) more of those in the future for sure.  
Trying to push the light setup and the dynamic/motion feel. Other than painting Ogres I've been sketching and writing on the Blisterrot project, sketched up a map with different areas and such that I can use as a guide. Sooo much fun to play around with that and come up with weird monsters and cool areas. And more ideas just keeps coming when I sketch on paper more than digital :).

Been trying out Neverwinter on their open beta, pretty cool game I must say. Their battle system is really active and fresh, more and more games seems to adopt this system which is nice . Made a little pesky halfling rogue trickster (playing sometimes, on the Dragon server named him "Dregg halflok" come and say hi) :)

Over and out! Take care and have a great Sunday!