Thumbs and good news! Oryx of Saturn

Heyoo! Here are a few of the thumbs I did for the illustration "Oryx of Saturn" Usually try to do lots of them until I really cant come up with any more, and then look for the strongest one. This time it was a hard pick, kinda liked all of the ones I sketched out more. But I settled for the one to the middle left, It had what I wanted to try out with the silhouette. And it had a pretty good triangle shape that read well. I then started to write down thoughts about it, like what colors and light setup to use and what kind of feel I wanted. Just playing around with words is pretty useful when you sketched out the roughs. Sometimes new ideas pop up combining words with illustrations.

I wanted to share with yall that I opened an print shop where I will sell some of my digital illustrations.
I sell Oryx of Saturn in high quality paper so check it out! :)

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Will add more stuff in the future so keep an eye out, take care yall!