Ser Darjer

Another character "Ser Darjer". History as a well known mercenary, now retired and serves under the order as a protector of the inner temples treasures.

Having some fun doing the characters, another way to work than usually. I start out doing some rough line sketching to find out some cool shapes with the basic idea in mind. I then put that layer down to about 50% opacity and make another layer over that one to paint in the new cleaner lines. After that I make another layer that I placed below the lineart to paint in the colors in. 

When I am satisfied with the colors I make an clipping mask. Just make a new layer over the color and hold alt and click between the two layers. That will bind it to the color layer so when I paint it will only go inside the shape of the color layer. Really handy to use clipping masks when you want to experiment with large brush strokes inside some shape. Anyhow, with the clipping mask I pick a dark blue color and paint in the shadows with about 50% opacity. Then done! :) 

Take care ppl!