Saturday blog dump! Guardsman, and fake Mtg Cards and other stuff.

New version of the Guardsman card illustration. I wasn't that satisfied with the other version so I did another one :). He is supposed to be the basic soldier card with allround good stats. Lots of fun working on him, and got most of it recorded and uploaded on my youtube account. 

Most useful instrument against beasts...

Over at Brainstorms Fb group the topic was to create either basic red or black landscapes. I couldn't resist to play with the ideas. I really dig the awesome artists at Wizard of the coast. Had a blast working on them!

Almighty wizard, with a set of skills and items you cant be without :). 

Wulwen concept art for the Blisterrot world, he is one of the Breeder faction. I did a rough sketch then did a cleaner line work layer over it. Used a base color and a clipping layer with the shadows on so I could experiment with that easily.  

Here is a colored version! Some background info: 

Tämjare:(The little dude with the whip I painted) breeder of "Werewolfs", mutaded humans/wolfs that will hunt down human habitats. Tortured souls of humans still remains in the beasts, and some of the humanity is shown from time to time. But when its blood moon they hunt... Tämjarens role in the cult is to train the beasts and keep them addicted to human blood and that way keep them in the Wulwen state. They are kept in cages down in the ruins of the lighthouse. The cages are made with silver and iron to keep them in such a weak state that they cant escape. When they are in the cages they are more humans than Wulwen. (awesome inspiration by Bloodborne :)

Take care ppl!