Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Work in progress: Kvarg The Birth 2

Work in progress: Kvarg The Birth 1

Step 1: The first years of his life. Taking advantage of the earth nutrition he develops and grows.

Step 2: Still growing, putting on some essential fat deposits.

Step 3: Now develops flesh eating flowers on the outer egg walls.

Step 4: The flowers is sending out an irresistible scent that attracts birds and smaller animals.

Step 5: The flesh made him stronger, he got a struggle infront of him. Not easy to get out.

Step 6: Exhausted he eventually succeeds, with burning eyes he looks at the new world.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The poor dogs collar, a good snack for Kvarg thou.

Work in progress: Kvarg Character Sheet

A tired abomination... He took a handful of mud and placed it over the beam of light that came from the hole in the caves roof.The so called cave once belonged to an gnome, unfortunately as he was going to take out the laundry for drying he stumbled upon a stone and broke his ankle.
This made him unemployed because he was the lead dancer in the "Garden gnomes" dancing society. When Kvarg found the house empty, he took the oppertunity to make this once pretty cosy and beautiful home to his. Poor gnome without knowing what he is going to find when he comes home from the hospital.

Work in progress: Kvarg 3

With a gentle twist the hairdressers neck cracked. What a lovely day he thought and bit one of the ears off. With a diet like this i could manage to live this life. His cravings for human flesh had grown over the years and the human behavior he once had was gone...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Work in progress: Kvarg 2

He couldt withstand the agony... One step and his life would be over. But then suddenly, he heard a light and soft voice over the rotting trees behind him. Apperently one of the towns hairdresser lost his dog.
Kvarg felt a bit embarrassed over that he kept the dogs collar as an wristband. A horrible noise suddenly pierced through the air like arrows it struck Kvargs poor undeveloped ears. The sound came from the hairdresser, he just found his poor dog "Fiffi" haft eaten corpse.

Work in progress: Kvarg

Kvarg: The lonely one.
Half man half.... thing, this beast roams the southern swamps of the dark forest. His diet consists of snails, rats, and mud. He swears that one day he will revenge on the prince that made him this.

3G Information

Världens mobiltelefonanvändning

3G-systemet skapades för att man skulle kunna öka överföringshastigheterna drastiskt och för att kunna ge helt nya typer av tjänster till mobiltelefonanvändarna. Detta medförde att det behövdes ett stort antal basstationer, eftersom täckningen skulle omfatta 99,98% av Sveriges befolkning. Utbyggnaden drog ut på tiden, eftersom kommunernas bygglovshantering och remissinstansernas handläggning tog längre tid än vad operatörerna räknade med. Fristående master för basstationer kräver byggnadslov och ett mycket stort antal byggnadslov överklagades. Miljööverdomstolen fastställde 2005-10-12 (Mål M 7485-04) att mobiloperatörernas verksamhet kunde klassas som miljöfarlig verksamhet vilket innebar att kommunerna skall utöva tillsyn. I praktiken sker detta vid byggnadslovsprövningen.

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