Sunday, April 17, 2016

Landscape illustration, Card Illustration, Movie study!

Environment exploration. Used some 3d elements and photo textures, lots of fun to play around with. (Some of the process should be on my twitch or youtube by now.)

"Provisions" for my personal card game project.

Movie still copy/study :) dig the movie, (Prometheus) 

Take care ppl! have a great week! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Time for a dump! Studies and sketches and whatnot!

Photocopy study, Shagga from Game of thrones! Looking forward to the new episodes, going to be good :).

Been watching some Black sails, really dig the serie and the attention to prop details is excellent making it one of my favorite series. This dude is called "Blackbeard"...

Late night sketch, just fooling around is fun! 

Another late night sketch! "Warlock".

Environment exploration for the card game. Secret entrance placed in a manor that is really hard to get access to.

Some gnarly dudes from the cult "Breeders" they are so called seekers that will find and catch humans that escaped the prisons. Card game illustration!

"Satchel" for the card game, nothing weird here...

Drowned one "Occultist" concept art.

Concept art "Angler of eels". Been streaming some of it on twitch, check it out!

Another concept of "Angler of eels" cult.