Thursday, May 30, 2013

Giant octopus sketch :)

Yo! My brother came over the other day and we watched Dagon and sketched and this is what came out on the paper, always a blast sketching with him :). We both like the movie and it has some great scenes but some are really wonky and the acting isn't top notch but hey its the overall feeling of it that is interesting. Take care yall time for bed!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another portal experiment

Another version of an portal :) felt kinda weird to sculpt stones haha, but so much fun. Will buy some more sculpey so I can do larger objects and faces. The grey kind is a bit firmer and the pink/skin/flesh colored one is a bit softer. I really like to play around with clay, just take a couple of mins to do something stupid and works nice to warm up the fingers. I've also noticed when I paint with oils or such then switch over to digital I  use the same kind of strokes if that makes any sense :), which is nice when I feel a bit cramped up.

About the portal, Its a bit smaller and I imagine that you place your hand through the hole in the stone wall to traverse into other dimensions. Its hidden deep into the forest, protected by surrounded bogs.

I am currently looking for work so if someone is in need of illustrations let me know :).
Contact me here:

Have a great Friday everyone!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Portal Sketch

Portal sketch and some more Portal ideas :) keeping it loose and relaxed. Been listening/watching documentaries about the old Egypt. Really like the mystical structures and hieroglyphs. Must confess that I also watched the old Stargate from 94 haha, might had some influence on the illustration :P. The flying Raas or whatever they are called are still so damn scary. Time to do some studies, take care yall!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New illustration, Forest Ogre! Waaagh!

Yo! New illustration I've been working on. Love to paint brutish Ogres :) more of those in the future for sure.  
Trying to push the light setup and the dynamic/motion feel. Other than painting Ogres I've been sketching and writing on the Blisterrot project, sketched up a map with different areas and such that I can use as a guide. Sooo much fun to play around with that and come up with weird monsters and cool areas. And more ideas just keeps coming when I sketch on paper more than digital :).

Been trying out Neverwinter on their open beta, pretty cool game I must say. Their battle system is really active and fresh, more and more games seems to adopt this system which is nice . Made a little pesky halfling rogue trickster (playing sometimes, on the Dragon server named him "Dregg halflok" come and say hi) :)

Over and out! Take care and have a great Sunday!