Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Card illustration "From beyond" and some random stuff

Card illustration "From beyond" useful spell :)

"Photocopies" study, lots of fun and tricky! This dude here is Vinculus from the tv-serie "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell." Seen every episode and I like it! Got cool atmospheres and dig the mix of history and fantasy. 

Random robots from sketchbook, ink and copic markers. 

Kalas! Take care ppl! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New card illustration "Tämjaren" and other stuff

Wehoo, its done :) had lots of fun painting it. Don`t want to spoil to much background lore yet. :). And I want the viewer to kinda figure stuff out. 

Larger version of it :) 

Some loose movie screen-cap warmups, really fun and I set a timer just to not give in to details. And try to catch the overall mood of it. 

Its getting dark outside time for some classic movie :).


Birch Book - Werewolf's eyes from Boléro on Vimeo.