Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thumbs and good news! Oryx of Saturn

Heyoo! Here are a few of the thumbs I did for the illustration "Oryx of Saturn" Usually try to do lots of them until I really cant come up with any more, and then look for the strongest one. This time it was a hard pick, kinda liked all of the ones I sketched out more. But I settled for the one to the middle left, It had what I wanted to try out with the silhouette. And it had a pretty good triangle shape that read well. I then started to write down thoughts about it, like what colors and light setup to use and what kind of feel I wanted. Just playing around with words is pretty useful when you sketched out the roughs. Sometimes new ideas pop up combining words with illustrations.

I wanted to share with yall that I opened an print shop where I will sell some of my digital illustrations.
I sell Oryx of Saturn in high quality paper so check it out! :)

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Will add more stuff in the future so keep an eye out, take care yall!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oryx of Saturn

Heyoo everyone! Had a blast working on this one, did some planning before I jumped into painting it this time. Learned loads by writing down what I wanted it to be and did different thumbnail sketches for it too. Might scan the other versions and my mad scribble paper so I can show how it looked. Anyways, hope you like it! :) take care yall!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Froderic the gardener

Hya everyone! Wanted to create another character, its really fun to sketch and play around with designing that stuff. Other than that I've been busy doing studies, trying to get better at art is life long journey :) really love it! 

Available for commissions again so let me know if you or anyone you know need my help in any way.
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Take care yall!